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Amabie, The Healing Spirit to Fight Against Pandemic 

According to Japanese folklore, in the 1800s a mythical mermaid-like creature called Amabie appeared off the coast, told people “If an epidemic occurs, draw a picture of me and show it to everyone. Color in this Amabie drawing to protect yourself and loved ones from COVID-19! Stay safe and healthy everyone!

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Young Yogi and the Mind Monster

Mind is a monster! Patanjali's classic Yoga Sutras seen through a child's eye. Through a whimsical story, Young Yogi and the Mind Monsters is a gift for readers looking to understand the rich, ancient, and mind-bending philosophy of Patanjali.

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Kappa Jizo

This hand drawn interactive picture book app will get your kids thinking about the importance of being open-minded towards people who are different from you. You can listen along with audio recorded in English or Japanese. Kids can also have fun with interactive characters and the coloring page!

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